About Me

Welcome to my blog! You have probably heard about the Swedish fika culture. This blog is created by me, Muqaddas, to give you an insight of what a fika in Sweden usually is. It’s an important part of almost every Swede’s regular day. It can be a casual break at work, chat fika with friends or a date fika with your loved one at a cozy café.

I have been baking since childhood and would like to share my favorite recipes with you. I will not say that all the recipes have Swedish origin, but all the recipes are common at a Swedish fika. There are lots of blogs about desserts and cakes, but it’s hard to find good Swedish recipes in English. I will do my best to provide you that. It will be a mixture of recipes I learned back in school, recipes I created myself, and recipes I like from famous Swedish bakers.

I will also try to recommend my favourite products, so you can enjoy baking as much I do. If you buy the products by clicking on the recommended product, I will get a small commission which will help me to continue sharing my work with you. You will see that many of my recommended products are from Bagaren and Kocken, and I am so happy that I live in walking distance from their store!

And who am I? I am an optometrist (studying quality/healthcare development) based in Gothenburg with my husband and two kids. My son and daughter are yet not interested in my baking (besides eating it of course) but I hope to pass on my passion for baking to them.

Have you eaten some Swedish sweet you can’t find the recipe of? Let me know on info@fikawithm.com and I will give you my best recipe for that. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram fikawithm!