My Mozartkulor


Mozartkulor (difficult to translate to English, but Mozartkugeln originally) are popular at Christmas time is Sweden. It’s still summer in Sweden, but I had some marzipan leftovers from the princess cake I baked last week. The only thing I have been thinking since then is that I must try to make my own Mozartkulor. They have to be even more yummy than the bought. Imagine nougat covered in marzipan and dipped in dark chocolate!

So today was the day I went and purchased some nougat. 30 minutes later I had the candy ready! And 5 minutes later they were finished haha! Try to make by yourself and see how long you can keep them in the fridge… This recipe makes around 15 of them.

Recipe for my Mozartkulor (Mozartkugeln)

  • 50 g nougat, cold
  • 100 g marzipan
  • 50-60 g dark chocolate

Melt the chocolate.

Roll the marzipan and cut into round circles, around 15 pieces (7 g each). Press the edges of the circles out with your fingers so they get thinner than the center.

Cut a 1 cm wide strip of the nougat and then cut 1 cm wide squares of it. Take one square and put in the middle of one marzipan circle. Fold together the marzipan around the nougat and roll it slightly between your hands. You should now have a marzipan covered nougat. Roll all the marzipan and nougat the same way.

Dip the small balls in the chocolate (I used a toothpick to get them out of the chocolate). Let them chill in the fridge on a parchment paper. Done!

I drizzled some chocolate on top of the chilled balls for decoration.

Variation ideas for this fika

I think the original recipe is with pistachio marzipan, so try with that if you want a more authentic version.

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